Total Mobile Security

Block ads, spam SMS, robocalls

Introducing AI powered Spam SMS Protection

Stop all unwanted, unsolicited, fraudulent SMS and MMS messages on your iPhone. Say goodbye to annoying notifications!

State of the Web

  • According to industry estimates, worldwide SMS spam has reached 45 billion texts daily

  • US alone received 48 billion spam calls in the year 2018

  • Unsafe content, browser tracking, malware is widespread

Highest Security Adblocker

Just Content 3 supports 250K blocking rules. Protecting you from -

  • unsafe ads, trackers, malware, phishing sites, coin miners
  • adult sites
  • distractions and social media
  • fake news
  • gambling sites

Since 2015, Just Content has been downloaded by thousands of users for protection from ads and ad trackers which watch your behavior online.

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AI powered Spam Protection

Use our on-device AI to detect and identify spam messages.

Our machine learning models have been extensively trained with datasets of thousands of messages and robocalls across carriers from many countries. We are constantly training for only one thing - fast and accurate filtering.

Spam messages are moved to the SMS Junk folder in the Messages app.

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Intelligent & Private

Trained to block sms phishing, spam, unsolicited and annoying SMS.

Trained to allow messages from Contacts, 2FA and OTP security codes, login and signup verification messages, package delivery messages, ride share SMS

Your messages never leave your device. All filtering occurs on the device and you do not need an internet connection.

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24/7 realtime protection from robocalls, telemarketers, tech support scams

The call blocking extension detects and automatically blocks robocalls, telemarketers and suspicious phone numbers.

You can maintain a blocklist of annoying phone numbers. Or allow messages and calls from numbers you trust and recognize by adding them to your whitelist.

You have full control over the blocking experience.

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Easy to Setup and Use

  • No fiddling with complicated controls, options, combinations which might compromise security. You shouldn’t need to understand technical jargon to use good security software.

  • Defaults are set to highest security

  • Use your device safely in an office or work environment. Free yourself from unsafe content, messages and calls.

  • Or install it on the family iPad. Safeguard your family and children from unsafe links, phishing sites, adult content and hate speech found on the web.