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iOS, macOS

Block All Unsafe Content

Get the most secure adblocker

5 content blockers in 1 for total security

Introducing Total Security

Protection from -

  • unsafe ads, trackers, malware, phishing sites, coin miners
  • adult sites
  • distractions and social media
  • fake news
  • gambling sites

Just Content 3 supports 250K blocking rules.

Track Wifi, Cellular data usage

Track internet usage on wifi and cellular connections. Keep an eye on your data charges.

Highly recommended for users on a cellular or capped data connection to the internet.

Whitelist websites

Your favorite social media website. Or websites that insist on turning off your ad blocker.

Simply add them to the Just Content whitelist. You can also manage your whitelist from within Safari. Tap the Share button and choose “Just Content”.

Safe & Easy

  • Easy to setup, use

  • Defaults are highest security

  • Use your device safely in an office or work environment.

  • Or install it on the family iPad. Safeguard your family and children from unsafe links, phishing sites, adult content and hate speech found on the web.