Secure Your Devices

Threat Protection for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Device Protections

Check your device for threats and mitigate them.

  • Passcode Check
  • Latest OS Check
  • Touch ID/Face ID Check
  • IDFA - Targeted Advertising Check

Browser Protection

Protection from -

  • unsafe ads, trackers, malware, phishing sites, coin miners
  • adult sites
  • distractions and social media
  • fake news
  • gambling sites

Since 2015, Just Content has been downloaded by thousands of users for protection from ads and ad trackers which watch your behavior online.

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AI powered Spam Protection

On-device AI to detect and block spam, phishing messages.
Trained to block sms phishing, spam, unsolicited and annoying SMS.

Trained to allow messages from Contacts, 2FA and OTP security codes, login and signup verification messages, package delivery messages, ride share SMS.

Your messages never leave your device. All filtering occurs on the device and you do not need an internet connection.

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24/7 realtime protection from robocalls, telemarketers, tech support scams

The call blocking extension detects and automatically blocks robocalls, telemarketers and suspicious phone numbers.

You can maintain a blocklist of annoying phone numbers. Or allow messages and calls from numbers you trust and recognize by adding them to your whitelist.

You have full control over the blocking experience.

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